«Roman d'Amour» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Roman d’Amour, real name Benoît Villemont, is a young French music producer that makes romantic, golden era French house/touch and co-founded an independent French house label in 2010 with his friend Silver Stan called HeartCake. He has been a keyboardist and saxophonist in a few jazz and rock groups in the past which is apart of his electro-acoustic production style. In 2011 his single Make Love Tonight (released in 2010) was discovered and remixed by Lifelike and released on Lifelike’s own record label, Computer Science, which resulted in his music being played at gigs by big name DJs such as A-Trak, Kavinsky and Louis La Roche.

In 2013 he submitted a remix of Geyster’s 2013 single Jane for a competition and was selected and featured on the Jane EP.