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Salsa Shark is a four-piece jam band based in Philadelphia, PA; while the term “jam band” may be generic, a wide swath of its scope (prog, funk, livetronica, psychedelia, post-rock, metal, folk) can be found in Salsa Shark’s music.

Forming in the fall of 2010, Salsa Shark quickly earned a reputation as a live force to be reckoned with. Audiences were treated to a dynamic mix of hard rock, funk, and psychedelia, all from a superband of sorts featuring four key players in the Village at 63rd Street music scene in the Overbrook neighborhood of Philadelphia. A year (and two drummers) later, Salsa Shark is expanding their sound with elements of bluegrass, prog, and jazz, with more intricate improvisations and an even more dynamic overall sound.

The current incarnation of Salsa Shark features Curt Zimpfer on vocals and “icing on the cake” guitars, Bert Weaver on “stunt” guitar and vocals, Mykk Hoffman on bass and vocals, and Joe Hopkins on drums. Tough grooves, soaring leads, cosmic textures, joyful vocal harmonies, explorational improvisations, and enjoyably labyrinthian arrangements all come out during any given Salsa Shark show, possibly even all in the same song.