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Marcus Lambkin began DJing in 1992 after moving to NYC from Dublin. There he got together with some friends to play dance music on a Sunday night at the now famous rock venue, Brownies. After learning the ropes at Brownies, Marcus made a mix tape and handed it out to three venues in the hopes of getting some work. He got three gigs, which went on to become two residencies. One of which was the now legendary Save The Robots, where Marcus was resident for 2 years. During this time Marcus met fellow Irishman Dominique Keegan and formed Plant Records, Plant Saturdays and Plant Bar. The latter went on be called the “coolest and loudest bar in New York City” by face magazine (10/02). It was at Plant Bar that Marcus and DFA’s James Murphy started the Shit Robot party, named after James’ crap robot drawing… In 2004, Marcus left Plant to work independently and moved to Stuttgart with his wife. In April 2006 ‘the wrong galaxy’ and ‘triumph!!’ 12” was released on DFA records and since then Marcus has been DJing around the world including his new favorites Japan and Brazil. Career Working as a DJ in New York in 2000 he befriended James Murphy later of LCD Soundsystem and started a DJ partnership with him.[2] Lambkin moved to rural Germany in 2004 and started producing his own music, with a number of releases on DFA Records from 2006.[2] He released his debut album From the Cradle to the Rave in September 2010 to positive reviews from Entertainment.ie[3] and NME[4] The album features contributions from Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip and James Murphy amongst others.[2] Lambkin remains somewhat of an analog loyalist, sticking mainly to vinyl when playing out. This attitude is reflected in the sound of the album, a dark and beautiful record that harks back to the early days of dance music. “I’m still influenced by the early days of acid house, that mixed with my punk upbringing, Killing Joke and things like that”, he says. “Early acid house, early techno, that does it for me. There’s a vibe to them which is really fresh that I’m always trying to capture but still still make it relevant to today so it doesn’t become pastiche.” With its combination of vintage influences in its composition and the ridiculously cool heads of DFA at the mixing desk, the album does truly bring together the best of both worlds, at once classic and modern. With constant DJing all over the world taking up his weekends and the small matter of making an album filling the weekdays, Lambkin is a busy man. Working from his home in Stuttgart, his touring takes him pretty much everywhere. “Back to Japan next month, hoping to go to Australia in January”. So any favourites? “Japan would probably be my favourite, Brazil too. I’m developing a real love affair for France. Italy’s great because it’s the food, the weather, the people are great too.” And how about the hometown? “I love coming back here believe it or not, it’s always good to get home anyway. There’s always great fun, lots of laughing and it’s always in a great spirit. It’s always good to see Mom too!” Marcus Lambkin (born 1971) better known by the pseudonym Shit Robot is an Irish electronic musician and DJ.