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Skampida was born in Bogota, Colombia in 1998, as an innovative and diverse fusion of Colombian reggae, folkloric rhythms, and urban sounds like hip hop, punk and latin styles like cumbia and champeta, including gypsy influences and drum & bass. In 2003, Skampida organized their Stereoblaster tour throughout Colombia, visiting more than 20 cities. Six years performing in Bogota and all over around Colombia and one year more around United States. Skampida is currently recording their new album in a fancy studio in Miami. King Chango, Los Oceanicos, Locos por Juana, Gogol Bordello, Leningrad, Los Pericos, Fermin Muguruza, Outernational, Rudie Crew, Cultura Profetica, Lila Downs, Amigos Invisibles, Spam all Stars. //Nominations & Awards *Rock al Parque (the bigest free entrance rock festival in Latin America): Nominated for “Best Revelation Band” of the festival. 2002 *Nominated by Much Music Channel for best ska and reggae video for their F.D.T single. 2003 *Nominated by Shock Magazine for best ska and reggae band and best live performance. 2004 *Best Music Video Award: “Best Ska and Reggae Video” by Much Music. 2005 *Winner of the Best latin band Miami 2006:by new times.