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More than 10 years ago Skaos rushed over an improvised stage in a garage of a farm in a little godforsaken place near Augsburg during a punk festival. It was the first “Headliner”-job for the group. As the concert should finally begin and after appearing of some punk groups and the Dutch Hardcore-Legend BGK, the police turned up and wanted to stop the concert, which was, of course, not permitted. The result of this act: an overtaxed organizer, a few hundred of excited punks and skins and a damaged police car. As Skaos came to the decision to enter the stage without permission of the police, the situation seemed to be escalated: after a few minutes the mob raged violently but peaceable in front of the stage. Although the Gig continued only thirty minutes (the time in which the police switched off the electricity) it was clear to all eye- and earwitnesses: Lauren Aitken had German grandchildren.

And the result was as follows: The seven boys of the Bavarian town called Krumbach near Günzburg won the third place during a talent competition of the Bavarian broadcast with their song “South African Struggle”. They were allowed to be on stage in the Alabama hall of Munich in the course of a great festival and the “Invincible Seven” did not miss this opportunity. With their spice sometimes also self-willed interpretation of the very fast Ska sounds of the English revival-bands around the English TwoTone-Label, Skaos forced an open door of the public and got promptly the offer to produce the first EP called “Inside” (New Tone Rec.).

Unfortunately, the first drummer Jah Hug didn´t survive the success of this disk because of his suicide in winter 1985 before starting studio recording. Because of intensive presence on German stages, the band´s popularity grew to a new unexpected level.

On the first LP “Beware” (Unicorn Rec.) Skaos have been still in the tradition of British acts like Specials or Bad Manners with turbo-blast, uninterrupted pushed of Elli´s guitar-beats, a cheerful vibrated sound mixed with wind-instrument parts and with stylistic trips in Calypso, Rhythm´n Blues and Rocksteady. The fact that Skaos have made use of Reggae elements in its sound is not only a funny style inversion (at least Reggae resulted from Ska), but is a characteristic of the band.

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