«Skastation» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Skastation is a French Rock-ska-funk band that’s been created by three young anthusiastic self-taught musicien in 2003. Clément Libéros as the lead guitar player and singer, Alexandre Le Moing as the bassist and Cédric Manuel as the drumer. The band starts by playing a couple of covers then quickly composes its first songs. After a few months Adrien Manuel joins the band as the second guitar player. The band will keep those members untill 2007 when Alexandre Papon replaces Alexandre Le Moing. After having been giving a couple of concerts, Skastation releases its first Album in 2004 . It’s a home-made album called “En Réalité” self-recorded and mixed in the rehearsals basement with a pretty cheap gear. The second album “L’onde Des Mots” is released in 2006 in a professional studio in Paris, recorded, mixed and masterised by Julien Tekeyan. This album will have sold around 500 copies and get a real success in the Skastation native region. Then comes the most busy period for Skastation. The band gives more and more concerts, gets to the semi-finals at the Emerganza music contest and plays the Ruda’s first part. Skastation activities stops in 2008 when Clément leaves the band after an efforts-rewarding last concert in Rambouillet, the town where everything’s started.