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Sleepy Eyes Nelson has been playing his unique style of country blues guitar for several years and is quickly building up a following in his home country of Scotland and abroad.

He is a regular on the Scottish live circuit and has played with many prominent local acts as well as international acts such as The GroanBox Boys (USA) and Hat Fitz (Australia). Sleepy often performs at Traffic Cone Records, That Devil Music and The Vagabond Social Club - three of Glasgow’s most popular alternative and blues nights.

As well as pubs and clubs Sleepy has played a variety of festivals. He has featured at Doune the Rabbit Hole Festival in Stirling for the last two years and recently played at the Shetland Blues Festival, where his straight talking Clyde Delta Blues was well received.

Sunny Govan Radio has championed Sleepy Eyes Nelson and he has appeared regularly on the Switchback show, Glasgow’s home of country, blues and Americana. Sleepy has also received regular airplay on other radio shows both at home and abroad, including Scotland’s Celtic Music Radio and The Smooth and Demented Show in Texas, USA.

In 2008 Sleepy was discovered by the American Record Label Devil’s Ruin Records who released three of his albums between 2008 and 2009.

He was also featured on the highly respected compilation Rodentia: The Best of Dark Roots Music’ featuring some of the best in dark roots music from artists across the world.

Sleepy Eyes Nelson is now releasing records through the Scottish Independent label Cheap Wine Records, an exciting label with artist from both home and abroad.

Sleepy has collaborated with a number of prominent local and international artists. In early 2010 Texas Songwriter and film maker Mike Snow wrote two songs specifically for Sleepy to perform and record - Laughing Mortician Blues and Electric Chair Blues. The pair have completed a further two songs in 2011 to be included on forthcoming Cheap Wine releases.

In 2009 the Sleepy Eyes Nelson track Sober Blues was covered by the West Virginia songster Slate Dump. This led to a split album being recorded titled Covered in Blues. The album features five songs by each artist, all of the tracks are blues covers and has become a very popular release with blues fans in the USA.

Sleepy and Slate Dump completed a promotional tour of Tennessee and West Virginia in October 2011. During this tour Sleepy played with other exciting underground artists such as Missouri’s Mussy Cluves. Sleepy also played the Memphis One Man Band Festival with Mosquito Bandito and The Lone Rooster.

Since returning to home shores in November 2011 Sleepy has started work on a follow up to Covered in Blues and a split album with talented Missouri songstress C.J. Marie. These releases are planned for early 2012.

Press and Quotes

“It does not take any time at all, once you start listening to Sleepy Eyes Nelson’s music, to realize that when it comes to Country Blues, he is certainly the real deal. Sleepy Eyes Nelson is probably one of the purest and unpretentious Blues players out there today. He lives his life with a rare simplicity and creates and plays his style of Country Blues in much the same manner.” THE BLUES UNDERGROUND NETWORK

“This friends is blues music coming straight from the soul. His sound belongs among the best blues musicians of the early 20th century. A consolation for lost souls” DOUNE THE RABBIT HOLE

“King of the Clyde Delta Blues” PAUL CLARKSON - SUNNY GOVAN RADIO

“He sings and plays from the heart” TRAFFIC CONE MUSIC

“An unwilling superstar” DEVILS RUIN RECORDS

“I’ve always been a fan of Nelson’s straight talking Clyde Delta Blues” HOVERVILLE

“Sleepy is the greatest thing to come from Scotland since, well, my ancestors” SLATE DUMP

“His lyrical content bears a strong root in the dust-bowls or river deltas and one could easily be mistaken in believing his own recent material had been around for a century. A genuine and likeable performer, while also being a well-honed professional from the Glasgow pub circuit.” THE SHETLAND TIMES


2008 - Dirty With the Blues - Devil’s Ruin Records

2009 - A Bottle of Wine at The Bellgrove Hotel - Devil’s Ruin Records

2009 - No Sleep Past Midnight, No Slips Until Midday - Devil’s Ruin Records

2010 - Couldn’t Give My Soul Away Blues - Cheap Wine Records

2010 - One Man Lock In - Cheap Wine Records

2010 - Build That Coffin of Mine - Spilt with Craig Hughes - Cheap Wine Records/Channel Nowhere

2011 - Covered In Blues - Split with Slate Dump - Cheap Wine Records

2011 - Where The Town Ends - Cheap Wine Records

Sleepy Eyes Nelson tracks are also featured on

2008 - Rodentia: The Best of Dark Roots Music - Devil’s Ruin Records

2009 - Compendium - Devil’s Ruin Records

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