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Snake River Conspiracy is a rock band from San Francisco that formed in 1996. The band is currently comprised of Jason Slater, an ex-member of Third Eye Blind (bass guitar, producer) and Matt Lucich (Drums). Tobey Torres sang on their debut album Sonic Jihad. After the first tour, Torres and Slater had a falling out, resulting in Torres leaving the band. Martina Axen (formerly of Drain STH) was brought on to perform live when SRC played a tour opening for Queensrÿche. While she was set to be the new official vocalist (going so far as to record on demos for the new album), an announcement was made on May 4th, 2006 that Tobey and Jason had reconciled and were back recording together with the intentions of releasing a new album in the Summer of 2007. This sudden and unexpected turn of events was well received by fans. On September 4th, 2006, four months after returning to Snake River Conspiracy, Tobey Torres posted on her myspace blog that “I have once again chosen to disassociate myself from Snake River Conspiracy” and thanked fans for their support. Two days later, band guitarist Mitch Doran posted a message on the SRC forums that he had decided to leave the band as well. No official reason has been given for the second falling out. Jason Slater, who typically keeps fans apprised of the ongoings of the band via myspace and the SRC forums, has remained quiet on the situation as well as the status of the material that had been recorded during the brief reconciliation.