«Space Boyfriend» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Space Boyfriend is the persona/stand of Jami Carignan, from Los Angeles, CA. Space Boyfriend is your boyfriend in space.

Inspired by punk rock, anime, and Japanese electronic and idol music, Space Boyfriend was a project and character originally designed and created in 2009. The character existed in many small and inconsequential forms until 2011, when it became the embodiment of the music project he now known for today.

Aiming to exist somewhere in the rift between punk musician and pop idol, Space Boyfriend identifies as “idol punk”, music and personality that hopes to inspire and relate and comfort, but through highly emotional, energetic, and almost vulgar displays of feeling. Exploring concepts such as optimism, desperation, youth, distance, and hope in the face of despair, Space Boyfriend wishes to tell you a story that is for you, more than anyone else, to remind you that you are powerful and beautiful; that, despite whatever has you down, the stars will shine again, and your light will return.

Let’s raise our voices and sing out our youths together. ★