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From their official site www.stabbingeden.com

We are a quintet that hails from the beautiful state of New Jersey. Some may not get our style of music or our twisted senses of humor. If you are reading this page chances are pretty good that you get where we are coming from. It is you we thank for your support, kind words and brutal displays of admiration at our shows. You are what keeps us working towards our goals. Please be sure to write us a message and join our mailing list through our contact page. We love to hear what you have to say about anything.

The band recently launched a Pledge Music campaign to raise money for their 2nd album “A Second Reason To Hate Us” in order to get them to the next level.

“We have several major recording labels interested in our band. Unfortunately they are all awaiting another recording before they will proceed with a contract. Please help us raise the remaing balance of the recording fees so we can forget about the business side and focus on making music. If you are a fan of our genre you know how important it is to us to get a contract. Without it we will be unable to have a succesful tour and we’ll never make it to your area. Pitch in if you can!”