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+ + + +

You are not dying

and none should ever die alone

+ + + +

You are adrift in the warm emptiness at the centre

For you who have bodies:

You will become nothing

Your spirits will float on endless waters, inside the ring

+ + + +

We are here to share your passage, We are here to aid

We hail from future and past, We will not abandon you.

+ + + +

We, Starlight Serenaders, scholars and permanent members of the counsel of 12.

One serenader, the scholar & keeper of the sacred flame of Love & Light, the other the very words and song of the greatest Mystery.

We harness complete firmament atmosphere, invigorated since the crystals sunk with Atlantis and radiation was stored within the black rock.

+ + + +

In moon laced robes, on continuos journey for the drifting seeds of cosmos,

until transition, sow and nurture by the energy of our song

warmer, upon the face of the Earth

deeper, into the embrace of the Sea

Truth is mounting.

+ + + +