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Imagine Brazil…imagine São Paulo… Telepathique is a band that only a city like São Paulo could create. A melting pot of sounds and electronic grooves from the 21st century. Their first album Last Time on Earth is a toast to life, a passive/aggressive sound contaminates us on the dance floor. With their feet in Europe, Telepathique bring a message of electronic miscegenation On stage they are like a hip hop duo with one dj and singer, always connecting with the public and transmitting tremendous energy. Mylene is not a mc but sings the Funk Carioca (the favela´s Funk) like one; Periférico plays the turntables like a punk drummer and the drums like a techno dj. Mixing in their sound the flavour of jungle music as well as house music, Telepathique’s first successfull European Last Time on Earth Tour show us an entertainment group with roots on the dance floor and the horizon on the future soundsystem, never forgetting the present, with their electro and breakbeat. All of these ingredients make a terrific recipe and that is Telepathique, Last Time on Earth.

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