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Hailing from New York City are The Clatty Lads! A few good (HA!) boys playing their Indie rock, folk, pop, country good times right into your ears which are scientifically connected to your brain! What happens next? You sing along and dance to all around great times!

“Unwilling to be restricted by the all too rigid confines of genre, New York City’s The Clatty Lads achieve an impressive amalgamation of sounds and atmospheres ranging from breezy summer evening vibes to wistful, introspective hip-hop and moving, thoughtful country. Easy-going groove and effortlessly soulful vocals permeate the infectious, laid-back feel while an uncanny sense of emotion combines with a modern folk-rock sensibility to create a truly eloquent and enjoyable listening experience.” - J.A. Burt

“In the world of music a band runs the risk of going to one of two extremes. The first, in an attempt to be artistically diverse they can encompass so many different styles that it leaves your head spinning and you don’t know what genre to classify them in. Or the second extreme, they can pigeonhole themselves so that nothing they do surprises you.

The Clatty Lads have struck a perfect balance between the two. They have managed to find a path where it’s easy to see the pop/rock vibe they are going for, yet at the same time they will throw you a curveball with a rap song or a tune with a country or folk tinge. The result definitely leaves you wanting more.

They have taken everything that was timeless about acts from the 90s such as Sublime or Everlast and paired it with trends that are popular in music today with acts like Matt Nathanson or Guster to name a couple. In short, it’s hard not to bob your head when you’re listening to their music. They are a band worth continually checking in on to see what they are up to.” - J. Berray