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An oracle in Greek and Roman polytheism was an agency or medium, usually a priest or a priestess, through which the gods were supposed to speak or prophesy.

Oracle may also refer to:

  • divine revelation in Christianity
  • Urim and Thummim in Judaism
  • any form of divination in other religions

Ancient Chinese script

  • Oracle bone script
  • Oracle bone


  • ORACLE (computer), an early computer
  • Oracle (software testing)
  • Oracle Corporation, a software and enterprise hardware company
  • Oracle Database, a database management system
  • Oracle machine, a computational model used to study decision problems
  • ORACLE (teletext), a British teletext service that was available on ITV and Channel 4
  • Internet Oracle, a collaborative humor website
  • Random oracle, an abstraction used in cryptographic proofs
  • Padding oracle attack, a type of cryptographic attack


  • The Oracle (novel), a 2003 book by Catherine Fisher
  • The Oracle (University of South Florida), a student newspaper
  • San Francisco Oracle, a 1960s underground newspaper
  • The Oracle of Reason, an 1800s atheistic periodical
  • The Oracle, a 1951 novel by Edwin O'Connor
  • Oracle, a 2010 novel by Jackie French
  • ORA:CLE, a 1984 novel by Kevin O'Donnell, Jr.
  • The Oracle, a student newspaper of Stratford High School
  • "Oracle", a short story by Greg Egan
  • The Oracle (Sweet Valley), the fictional High School newspaper in the Sweet Valley High book series


  • Oracle, Inc., a fictional company established by Marvel Comics character Namor

Film and television

  • ORACLE (teletext), a televised information service
  • Oracle, the shell program of the fictional computer Vector Sigma in the Transformers universe
  • The Oracle in Aladdin and the King of Thieves
  • The Oracle (film), a 1953 film

Fictional characters

  • Barbara Gordon, a DC Comics superhero, the original Batgirl has used the alias "Oracle"
  • Oracle, the original alias of the DC Comics character who would be reimagined as Aurakles
  • Oracle (Marvel Comics), a Marvel character and member of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard
  • The Oracle (The Matrix)
  • The Oracle, a W.I.T.C.H. character
  • The Oracle, a Casper Meets Wendy character
  • The Oracle, a Benidorm character
  • Oracle, a Spider Riders character


  • Oracle (workhouse), a workhouse erected with funds bequeathed by John Kendrick
  • Oracle, Arizona
  • The Oracle, Queensland, a development in Australia
  • The Oracle, Reading, a shopping mall in England
  • Oracle Arena, a sports venue


  • Oracle (Kittie album)
  • Oracle (Sunn O))) album)
  • Oracle (Michael Hedges album)
  • Oracle (Gary Peacock and Ralph Towner album)
  • Oracles (album), an album by Fleshgod Apocalypse
  • The Oracle (album), an album by Godsmack
  • "Oracle", a song by Scale the Summit from the album The Migration

Other uses

  • Oracle (rocket), model rocket for aerial photography
  • Nechung Oracle, the State Oracle of Tibet
  • Oracle, a technical symposium organized at Government College of Technology, Coimbatore


  • BMW Oracle Racing, an American sailing syndicate

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