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The Subs is a Belgian Electronic band (based in London) formed by Jeroen "Papillon" De Pessemier (ex-Bolchi and -Foxylane) and Wiebe "Tonic" Loccufier (half of the DJ-duo Starski & Tonic).

Background information

  • Years 2006 − present
  • Origin Gent, Belgium
  • Genre(s) Electro
  • Label(s) Lektroluv Recordings, Blood Music


  • songwriter/producer: Jeroen De Pessemier (Papillon)
  • dj/producer: Wiebe Loccufier (Tonic)
  • Producer: Hadrien Lavogez


After releasing a few underground club hits as You Make Me Spill, Fuck That Shit and Substracktion, the raw punktrance track "Kiss My Trance" made them break through in 2008.

The song quickly made its way into the commercial tops as well as in the record boxes of DJs like Boys Noize, T. Raumschmiere, Laurent Garnier and Tiësto. The band also made remixes for Alex Gopher, The Lotterboys, Plump Dj's, Telex, Cassius.

After the success of the single, The Subs started to tour and play live, with a DJ booth as rhythm section. They are known for their energetic live performances, and played in clubs in London, Paris, Madrid en Barcelona, Australia, Thailand, but also in festivals such as Bestival, Lowlands, Pukkelpop, Global Gathering en Dour Festival, Tomorrowland, I Love Techno, Future Music Festival. In 2008 The Subs released their debut album Subculture.

They got arrested by the police once for driving into a shopping mall with mopeds, during a 16 hour trip from Ghent to Paris on those mopeds.

In 2011, they released a second album called Decontrol. The first single of the album "Face Of The Planet" became Gold in Belgium.

In between the first and the second album they also made a track called "The Pope Of Dope" together with "The Party Harders". This was their first Belgian golden single.

With their single "Zanna" (together with Tom Barman from dEUS and Selah Sue) they had their third golden single.



Album(s) that entered the Ultratop 50 album chart Release Date First charted Highest Ranking Weeks Remarks
Subculture 24-10-2008 01-11-2008 33 18
Decontrol 25-03-2011 02-04-2011 12 19
Hologram 24-02-2014 05-04-2014 19 4


Single(s) Charts with
in the Dutch Top 40
Date of appearance Date of entry
 Number of 
Zanna 28-11-2011 - met Selah Sue & Tom Barman /
Nr. 72 in de Single Top 100
Single(s) that entered the Ultratop 50 singles chart Release Date First charted Highest Ranking Weeks Remarks
Kiss my trance 2008 02-02-2008 18 12
Music is the new religion 2008 06-12-2008 43 2
The pope of dope 26-04-2010 08-05-2010 12 20 with Party Harders / Golden record BE
The face of the planet 21-02-2011 05-03-2011 10 13 / Golden record BE
Don't stop 16-05-2011 21-05-2011 tip2 - with Highbloo
Zanna 2011 10-12-2011 1(4wk) 11 with Selah Sue & Tom Barman /
Nr. 9 in the Radio 2 Top 30 / Golden record BE
Decontrol 31-10-2011 07-01-2012 tip96 -

Other singles

  • You make me spill - 2006 (Dirty Dancing Recordings)
  • You make me spill - 2006 (Suicide Recordings)
  • Substracktion - 2006 (Lektroluv Recordings)
  • Fuck that shit - 2007 (Lektroluv Recordings)
  • Kiss my trance - 2007 (Lektroluv Recordings)
  • Papillon - 2008 (Lektroluv Recordings)
  • Music is the new religion - 2008 (Lektroluv Recordings)
  • My Punk - 2008 (Lektroluv Recordings)
  • From dusk till dawn - 2009 (Lektroluv Recordings)
  • Mitsubitchi - 2010 (Lektroluv Recordings)
  • The pope of dope (feat. The Party Harders) - 2010 (Lektroluv Recordings)
  • Concorde - 2014 (Lektroluv Recordings)


  • Telex - How do you dance (Virgin Records)
  • Javelo - Spleen (Dancing Recordings)
  • Sharam Jey - When the dogs bite (King Kong Records)
  • dEUS - Bad timing (unreleased)
  • Pacjam - Urban minds (541 recordings)
  • Shameboy - Wired for sound (Sputnik Recordings)
  • Foxylane - Naked to bed (Some Like It Hot Records)
  • The Lotterboys - Can't control the boogie (Eskimo Recordings)
  • Acid Jacks - Disco Shoes (Kerowack)
  • Mason - Quarter (Great Stuff Recordings)
  • Boemklatsch feat. Faberyeyo - Spikkeltjes (Lektroluv records)
  • La Roux - Colourless Colour
  • Gotye - Heart's a mess (Never officially released)


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