«Thesubletter» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Growing up in the dirty south, Baton Rouge, Brandon Dubea was one of few people creating electronic and experimental music. It started in an abandoned building with friends bringing gear, strobe lights, tv’s, vcr’s and a game system or two. After setting up their own supply of power, destruction would begin until sun up. These sessions evolved into home studio brap sessions with a group called Diary Ov An Alchemist, which included Brandon and a friend. This project created about 100 tapes filled with geeked out electronic sessions, dubby tracks, trip hop and something called smoke delay.*

In 2000 Brandon moved to Oakland,CA and a solo project was created from the ashes of Diary Ov An Alchemist. A letter from the diary and lots of subconscious sub bass created TheSubletter, a mix of progressive hip hop, downtempo, and industrial aggro. Using a PC, anologue synthesizers, drum machines and an arsenal of drums, this project is always evolving as does its creator.