«Thirty Dirty Birdz» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Country: Germany


Band members:

Stephan Eckstein (bass)

Carsten Hinze (drums)

Daniel Sieker (guitar)

Jochen Vahle (vocals)


Anatole Gomersall (sax)

Jakob Gomersall (trumpet)

Band history:

The band was founded in 1989 by Stephan Eckstein, Carsten Hinze and Daniel Sieker in Bielefeld, and in 1990 accepted Jochen Vahle as vocalist. They are inspired by crossover bands like Red Hot or 24-7. Their second CD mixed crossover, metal and jazz. Since the band was never particularly convincing live, CD-th is not selling well, which led to their breakup in 1999.


1994 “Thirty Dirty Birdz” (CD, Newtone / Voices)

1997 “Schizophobia” (CD, Langstrumpf / TIS, eastwest)