«Thomas Hjort Jensen» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

I was born in October 1973 just outside Copenhagen, Denmark. During my childhood i took violin lessons (18 years) and piano lessons (15 years), music theory etc. Later, I started taking music theory and aesthetics a little more serious, and since 2001 I hold a Masters degree in music and philosophy from University of Copenhagen. For a few years I was the co-editor of the Danish National Encyclopedia on music.

I started composing at an early age. At that time it was mostly minimalism or broad filmmusic-like settings. Nowadays I prefer writing choral music for concert or religious purposes, but during the last ten years or so I have done some scoring for short movies and videos, too. I am a member of KomVest, a composers collective in Copenhagen where we have very high class performances of our stuff for inspiration and learning.

Besides from writing music I work as web designer and practice and teach astanga vinyasa yoga (see my site - in Danish - on yoga here: www.astanga-yoga.dk.)

When writing music my goal is to interpret the text. Music is a way of communicating and commenting on the emotional content of a text (or some other starting point), and I seek to amplify whatever emotions I experience in the way I set the music. Hopefully the music will make some sort of emotional sense to the listener.

I am trying to avoid too many “special effects”. Often I pick a more subtle way of musical expression rather than a more effect focused one. Simplicity is a strong way of enhancing the emotional communication.

I hope you enjoy the pieces I put here. Don’t hesitate to comment on them.