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There are seven artists with the name Thor: * Thor is the original rock warrior, and has been active since the 70’s playing his unique brand of metal, developing a cult following around the world. Now in his late 50’s Thor still actively tours bringing his rock and roll spectacle to new audiences every night. * Thor is a rock band from Chemnitz, Germany. * A Berkshire-based pop/psych outfit who recorded one acetate in the 60’s. * Thor is the winner of the Belgium Eurosong for Kids 2006 with his song “Een tocht door het donker”. At the Eurosong for Kids 2006 Festival, he became 7th out of 13 participants. *Thor (and the Gods of Valhalla) is a band from Maine, playing some original material. They released a CD in 2006. *Thor was a famous local band from Haarlem, The Netherlands. They described their music as Rammelrock, since they had limited control over their instruments. Their music is to be considered as a mixture of The Velvet Underground, Pavement and The Pixies with a touch of Sebadoh. They released several Demo’s and an EP during the period 1994-1997. *THOR is a DJ from Iceland. Thor (Thorhallur Skulason) has been a leading figure in Icelandic club culture since the late eighties. THOR started out break-dancing but soon got to know the wonders of hip hop and electronic music and moved on to become a dj. In 1989 he became the Icelandic “DMC DJ champion” and soon become one of the most respected djs in Reykjavik, hosting one of the most legendary “underground” radio shows in Iceland. (From http://www.icelandairwaves.com/artists.asp?pageID=18&artistID=140) *Thor is the name of an R&B Soul singer from the Philippines.