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Tomas Andersson is a Swedish DJ.


Tomas Andersson was born and raised in Luleå, Sweden. In the early nineties Andersson moved to Stockholm where he attended Stockholm University majoring in Law. During this time he began his career as a musician, playing at various indie clubs of Stockholm. Among his first music cooperations were The Submarine Prophets, a psychedelic space pop group, who released a 12" EP 'Dive' in 1990, and Subcode, a minimal techno group. Initially Andersson started out organizing parties and working as a DJ. He then turned to producing music using an Amiga computer and a number of vintage Synthesizers.

In 1999 Andersson began a music label, Average Records, with a group of other musicians. During the next two years he collaborated with other artists on the Average Records label to create two compilations of Techno and Electronica music.

In 2001 Andersson released a 12" record through Ink Fish Records . He then joined Longhaul Records releasing a 12" record that was named 'Single of the Month' by Jockey Slut magazine. He continued to collaborate with fellow artists on the Average Records label.

In 2002 Andersson released the album Hem Ljuva Hem (Home, Sweet Home) on the label Longhaul. This album was well received by the press. In February he performed live in London at Fabric. Then in the summer (Northern Hemisphere) of 2002 Andersson performed live in Berlin at Ostgut (now Berghain). Two more 12" records were planned to be released through Longhaul Records but due to unknown trouble with the company they were never released. Andersson continued to perform live at clubs in Stockholm.

In 2003 Tomas Andersson got in contact with BPitch Control and they expressed interest in releasing a 12" record.

In May 2004 Andersson, through BPitch Records, released the album Bas. One of the tracks from this album, 'Numb', was remixed by successful electronic musician Ellen Allien (founder of BPitch Control) for her track 'My Parade'. The group Modeselektor from the same label sampled 'Numb' for their track 'Raveanthem'.

In 2005 Tomas Andersson released his fourth EP Festivities. 'Festivities' was the one-hundredth album released on BPitch Records (BPC100).

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