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1) Forming late 2008 around charismatic guitarist/vocalist Marty Frawley and bassist Rick Milovanovic, the Twerps have quickly risen to become one of Melbourne, Australia’s favourite pop bands. They play their own brand of warm and incredibly infectious pop, with elements of the 80s Flying Nun sound and 90s lo-fi. Marty’s cheeky but heartfelt songs are complemented by the crystalline guitar lines of guitarist Julia MacFarlane (ex Batrider) and the sympathetic percussion of drummer Patrick O’Neill. 2) The east coast’s most recent usurpers of unruly hardcore have emerged from the wooded depths of Amherst, Massachusetts. Combining the fundamentals of straight forward USHC with the snotty melody of early 80’s west coast punk rock, TWERPS offer you tracks of rough and rowdy mid-paced hardcore with just enough gruff harmony to keep things interesting. More music for glue sniffers and general misfit fuckups Feeble Minds/Karmic Swamp