«Utla» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Utla is a Norwegian folk trio.

The trio UTLA has been playing together since 1992, and its music is based on the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle tradition. The group focuses on creating honest music on its own terms. New elements are added through the combinations of instruments used, as well as through sounds, improvisation and compositional structures. The result is a modern musical expression in the UTLA tradition. UTLA’s music is unique in both a Norwegian and an international context. The group has received glowing reviews both in Norway and abroad for its previous albums and for its creative interaction.

In the spring of 1999 UTLA released its fourth album, “DANS” - an album that bears witness to a group in a process of intense development. UTLA is more direct, more daring, more free, and more mystical. The group presents a challenge to Norwegian Hardanger fiddle music both through its new compositions in a modern mode of expression, and through playing old fiddle tunes in a traditional setting. This interaction between the old and the new serves as an inspiration for magical music.