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Vaughn Trapp is the nom de rock of Long Beach based singer-songwriter Doug Hammond, formerly of the Indie band Suncatcher (Restless Records) with a bent for classic songcraft.

Taking his major cues from late 60’s folk-rock and powerpop, VT’s 2nd album “Songs Of The Great Depression” (2011) is marked by a K-Tel-esque eclecticism which includes the Badfinger inspired “Let’s Be Good”, the Steely Dan/Bacharach mood piece “Happy Days Are Here Again”, the lyrically elliptical alt classic rock of “Permanent Plan “B” and “Paradigm Shift”, the retro revolver “Ball & Chain”, which sounds somewhat like an imaginary 70’s iteration of the Jesus and Mary Chain while “The Boy With His Shoes Tied On” exhibits a distinct Beatles influence with a baroque 60’s pop sensibility.

“Songs Of The Great Depression” is available at Bandcamp and Itunes.

VT’s blog “Songs Of The Great Depression” is up at