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Veni Domine is a Christian progressive doom metal band. The band was founded in 1987 in Sollentuna, Sweden.

Veni Domine combines down-tempo melodic heavy metal, symphonic metal and doom metal with occasional touches of gothic. Originally, the vocalist Fredrik Ohlsson represented operatic, high-pitched vocals but has since shifted to more lower vocal range during the years. Fall Babylon Fall and Material Sanctuary are the band's significant, acclaimed albums. During the time when these albums were released, Veni Domine was well known in the metal scene. However, as their later albums took longer time to be released and gained average reviews, Veni Domine was more or less forgotten in the metal mainstream. Currently Veni Domine is a cult band of a small audience. Veni Domine does not clearly fit into a specific category; According to the band, in doom metal festivals they are labeled as "power metal" and in power metal events as "doom metal".

During the early years, the band's lyrics dealt with apocalyptic themes from Biblical point of view. Currently their lyrics are more about personal topics.


  • 1992: Fall Babylon Fall (Massacre, R.E.X. Records, Review: (German))
  • 1994: Material Sanctuary (Thunderload, Reviews: , (German))
  • 1998: Spiritual Wasteland (Thunderload, Review: )
  • 2004: III: The Album of Labour (Rivel)
  • 2006: 23:59 (MCM Music, Review: (German))
  • 2007: Tongues (MCM Music)
  • 2014: Light (Massacre Records)


Current members

  • Fredrik Sjöholm - Vocals
  • Torbjörn Weinesjö - Guitars
  • Thomas Weinesjö - Drums
  • Klas Pettersson - Bass
  • Olov Andersson - Keyboards

Former members

  • Gabriel Ingemarson - Bass
  • Magnus Thorman - Bass
  • Mattias Cederlund - Keyboards
  • P.A. Danielsson - Keyboards
  • Mats Lidbrandt - Keyboards

Side projects

  • Thomas Weinesjö also plays in Saviour Machine.


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