«Visioned Frailty» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Visioned Frailty was founded by songwriter - guitarist Péter Márton as his own project in January 2010 to be able to achieve his ideas not fitting into his main band’s Sunseth Sphere’s profile and musical line. Péter wanted his songs to be finalized with a complete band on his side to be able to perform the songs live as well, so he started looking for suitable musicians. Drummer Máté Farkas was the first to join Péter and some time later Péter Palotás joined them as a vocalist, finally László Sörös came to fill the role of bassist. We must hereby mention Bertalan Gellérfi who assisted Péter’s plans with lyrics for the songs. In the first round Péter wanted to record a Demo with 3 songs, which was completed in June 2011 called Shades of Past.

Studioworks were done by Máté Farkas in Farkas-verem studio. Artworks for the cover were made by Szilvia Sárvári and Péter Palotás. A few weeks later Máté left the band because of other activities. After a long cast about for a drummer, the post was first filled with István Tóth, later with János Bujdosó. Being complete with him again, the band set about to work in the fall of 2011. Thanks to the serious background-work and continuous rehearsals, the band was able to do some gigs from November, and was also ready to record it’s EP called Embryo at Big - Beat King Studio with the aid of Mikk. Cover design were made by Péter Palotás and lyrics are by Bertalan Gellérfi again.

Péter Márton - songwriter - guitarist.

Péter Palotás - vocals.

László Sörös - bass.

János Bujdosó - drums.