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Neo is the band that gave continuity to the limited project called 新世界. The band started their activities in the 18th of February 2010 at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU and had their end in the 25th of March 2010 at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU, where they had their first release as Neo; the single CRONOSS. Neo was schduled to have their debut in August 2009 with SORa (arucana → Black Ship → バロン) on vocals, but, for some reason, the band didn’t start their activities with him, and, because of that, in the beggining of 2010 the other members revived the project as a limited band (新世界), with a new vocalist, in order to start their activities as a full-fledged band. Neo’s first live will happen in 2010/06/19 at Takadanobaba AREA, in an event called 「ヘヴンのお祭り★天まで飛ぼう!!」 where they will release their 2nd CD; NEW AGE REVOLUTION, limited to 500 copies.


Vocal: ケイト (kate) [新世界 → Neo]

Guitar: シアン (sian) [マスカレイド → メアリー → (V-Family→フリージア) → 新世界 as ゆき → Neo]

Guitar: 氷龍~hiryu~[SCREW roadie → (V-Family→フリージア) → 新世界 → Neo]

Bass: 柳 (yanagi) [Wilde Frau → Mirror → NEO → unfade → 新世界 → Neo]

Drums: テケデ (tekede) [沙耶 as 壱世 → HATED、Amulet* support → ハーヴィ → (V-Family→フリージア) → 新世界 → Neo → 2the DISCOLAND]


【2010.03.25】 CRONOSS


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