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“One gray is the absorption of one joule of energy, in the form of ionizing radiation, by one kilogram of matter. One gray is equivalent to 100 rad. Using an air ionisation energy of about 36.161 J/C, we have 1 Gy ≈ 115 R.”

This is the solo project of ”Guided By Confusion” singer / guitarist Benjamin Kantschieder - mostly in a more acoustic vein than the songs of GBC (which are far more electronic and synthie-pop-based due to the lack of a bassist / drummer and the use of a synthesizer to fill these holes)

It’s also an opportunity for exploring some of the more experimental sides of music that he’s interested in - mostly Ambient / Drone-based music… (huge influences are the likes of “Nadja”, “Fripp / Eno”, Steven Wilson’s “Bass Communion”, the guitar-worshipers of “SunnO)))”, the elegiac soundscapes of “Fear Falls Burning” or “Stars Of The Lid” and the dark ambient by artists like “Lustmord” or “Lull”…)

Those interests all came together in the release of the Debris EP, consisting of 2 long soundscapes - one lush and calm, the other one dark and disturbing.

Most of the songs, however, are folky / acoustic-guitar based songs, drenched in reverb and adorned with soundscapes that are created through processing and de-constructing recorded sound-sources - think of “No-Man”, Porcupine Tree’s “Half Light” or version of Peter Gabriel’s “Here Comes The Flood” on Robert Fripp’s “Exposure”-record.

Nick Drake is a GIANT source of inspiration too as is Nick McCabe, guitarist of “The Verve” and his style of guitar playing, and the whole “Shoegaze” scene (My Bloody Valentine, Ride, early Verve, Lush, JAMC and Cocteau Twins - to name just a few…) - I think you get the picture by now…

All in all these songs are just too quiet, calm and often a little depressing and overall don’t fit the style of music that “Guided By Confusion” is playing and that’s why this project was started.

If you wanna find out more about aGRAY’s music head over to their MySpace-site!