«Athlos» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Athlos can refer to at least two bands:

1) Athlos is a Greek epic metal band with folk and black metal influences, known for their 2009 album “In the Shrouds of Legendry”. The band’s lyrics are based on ancient Greek mythology and history with the songs written by Polydeykis and Marios Koutsoukos. Their lineup on the album was:

Polydeykis - guitar, accordion, flute, whistles, keyboards, piano

Marios Koutsoukos - backing vocals and narration

Athanasios Karapanos - lead vocals, drums, bass

Hild Valkyrie - female choral vocals

Christine Katsamatsa - soprano vocals

Faaran - bagpipes

Aled Pashley - black metal vocals and growls

Kyveli - soprano vocals

1) Athlos is a Symphonic influenced Progressive Metal Band from Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela; formerly known as Transición. The name of Transición has been around the local metal scene for 4 years, but after many drastic lineup changes and style variations the band decided to change the name to Athlos after achieving a stable lineup:

Jose “Chego” Cabrices - Vocals

Daniel Luces - Bass

Salvador Mares -Guitar

Rodolfo Spitaleri - Guitar

Jorge Solórzano - Drums

After two live shows in different regions of the country (Maracaibo, Zulia and Puerto la Cruz, Anzoategui) both Daniel Luces and Rodolfo Spitaleri leave the band citing personal issues. now Athlos is releasing a new single “Introducción a la Locura” and preparing for future shows around the country opening for Spanish band Stravaganzza, Ecuatorian band Viuda Negra and Colombian band Masacre. The new lineup is:

Jose “Chego” Cabrices - Vocals

Salvador Mares -Guitar

Antonio “Tadeo” Rojas - Guitar

Jorge Solórzano - Drums