«Aura Surreal» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

AURA SURREAL - Dynamic Modern Metal - combining all the best elements of thrash, power, melodic, progressive and alternative metal to forge a new path that not only

is intense for the listener but ignites the passion for metal in all ages and generations of metal listeners. Combined with a energetic and hypnotizing live performance, Aura Surreal is captivating audiences with a bold new intensity and carrying a vibe that seems to only occur when a songwriting talent rises above the norm, creates a driven sound that wakens the passions and excites the senses for why metal music has always been a force.

A Perfect Blend Of All Things Metal. Old School Thrash, Modern Metal, Hook lines, Chorus’s, Shredding, Melodies, Ripping Leads, Harmony Guitar Playing, Adrenalined Drum Chops, Finger Bleeding Bassist and a self styled vocalist. A First wave band that sounds like no-one else yet you will here pieces of influences from the best of metal from past to current.


Brian Huntsman - Vocals

Nate McCaslin - Lead Guitar

Justin Vogel - Rhythm Guitar

Rod “Rodimus” Dockstader - Bassist

Dave Durfee - Drums

Aura Surreal played 2009 Rocklahoma Festival alongside Anthrax, Overkill, Metal Church, Anvil, Saxon, Lizzy Borden, Keel, Ratt, L.A.Guns, Faster Pussycat and Bang Tango.

History (formed in 2007)

  Aura Surreal arose out of guitarists Nate Rokker (McCaslin) and Justin Vogel,who teamed up to write metal that would be a progression on all they knew, with a modern style and all the headbanging epicism that come from old and new metal.To combine all the elements and forge a new path. The pairing was electric and found both writing new songs at a quick pace. Vocalist Brian Huntsman, had been a first pick for his charisma, on-stage performances and unique vocals that were aggressive yet intelligible.Bassist Rodimus Dockstaeder added yet another element of finger bleeding tool meets cliff burton bass tracks. From studio to stage, the Aura generated was Surreal, hence…

Influences: Megadeth - Iron Maiden - Exodus - Overkill - Onslaught - Helloween - Anthrax - Metallica - Lamb Of God - Children Of Bodom - In Flames - Saxon - Annihilator - Malmsteen - Pantera - Symphony X - Nevermore - Testament - Primal Fear - Black Sabbath - Queensryche - Slayer - Nuclear Assault - Metal Church - King Diamond - Iced Earth - Destruction - Nile - Behemoth - Dark Tranquility


The Calling - 3 Song E.P. (Jan 2010)

Sanity Awakes - 9 Songs (release date July 2010)

Record Label - Retrospect Records

Band split in 2012 after musical differences, internal differences and bad reviews on new songs. losing record label. songwriter and lead soloist, bass player went on to new band “Scarcrifice”