«Autumnal Reaper» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

AUTUMNAL REAPER originally formed as a spin-off/continuation of the rehearsal band “Raging Death”(1991-1993, R.I.P.), releasing some demotapes throughout the ‘90’s before eventually spawning their debut full-lenght album “Of Pure Damnation” in 1999 from where on things became more seriously for the band. After several mini/promotional CD’s, the band started working on their next full-length album “March Of The Reaper”. The album received strong reviews in established magazines and positive response from Death-/Black-Metal fans, and the band developed a solid live reputation after this album even though the premature death of guitarist/long time member Roeland De Haas in 2003. A new line-up was assembled and a “blitzkrieg” tour, and separate club shows followed, as well as a mini-CD and Live album before the band eventually started working on their next full-length CD entitled “Rise Of The Raging Death”. Nowadays the band consists of guitarists Waltr Verschoor(session live guitarist for KAMPFAR from Norway & guitars in GRAVEN IMAGE) and Vince Wassink(MORTAL FORM), drummer Joost Westdijk(HEIDEVOLK & BOLTHORN) and vocalist/bassist Royy Vermeulen(currently vocals/previously drums in GRAVEN IMAGE). The band have recently recorded the forthcoming album with producer Dick Kemper(bassist for VANDENBERG). Kudos go out to our special guest/friend Mike Browning(AFTER DEATH, NOCTURNUS, ex-MORBID ANGEL, ex-ACHERON, from Florida/USA) who has created some top-notch keyboard samples customly made for the album.