«Been Lookin'» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Been Lookin “Ben Larkin” is 32 years old, in 2001 he was the Passenger in a car, involved in an accident. He apparently died and was paddled back to life in the ambulance, and upon regaining consciousness was told that his spine was broken in three places and that he’d would never walk again, and was unlikely to even have use of his arms. He was certain even from the first moment that, that was just nonsense and I had been put here again for a reason, and it was not to be bedridden. It took many long months of slow painful recovery but in time he had almost the full use of my entire body again! Before the accident He was a carpenter and after IHe could no longer handle that level of physical demand anymore. All of this pointed him at my lifelong un- realized dream, and that was to learn how to share the music He heard inside of himself with the world. So he has spent the time between then and now, honing his craft and strengthening his voice! He’s now working as a home based self producing artist, bent on delving into every method of expression possible! He always welcomes collaboration in any form and has never felt there is any end point. He say’s “grow is the real purpose, for such an exquisite journey!!!”

At this Point he can play many instruments at varying skill levels, he does most of his own singing, he writes and composes most of his music, and for that pursuit, he has built a studio in his home. So now he’s able to mix live instrumentals with samples and loops of himself, to create limitless amounts of sonic wave forms. In addition he have a fairly strong roster of very talented musicians that he does bring in for recordings but also as a touring band. His primary band at the moment is Called “World Wide Pocket” www.facebook.com/worldwidepocket www.worldwidepocket.com He also says “Creativity is the well spring of life and expression is the bucket by which it is distributed, with music as the water it self!!!” ALLoneLOVE