«BETTY WEEN» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

“No easy-listening for sure, but with enough hooks to make listening an unexerted pleasure” - Tobias Fischer, Mouvement Nouveau / Tokafi

“The name of a shy revolution: Betty Ween” - Trendsetter magazine

“Betty Ween’s debut album tells us that a change has finally occured” - Aktüel magazine

Betty Ween is the pseudonym used by singer Gülüs Gülcügil-Türkmen for her musical project. The band loves to perform as a trio (voice, guitar and cello) to make what they call “chamber pop”. It involves minimalistic melodies, engaging lyrics and improvisational freedom for the musicians.

Gülüş Gülcügil: voice

Onur Türkmen: acoustic guitar

Barış Güvenenler: cello

Her official site is http://www.bettyween.com/