«Black As Chalk» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Black As Chalk was formed in Göttingen/Germany by Tim (drums), Julian (vocals, guitars), Fabian (bass) and Bartek (piano) in January 2007. All of the members had previously gained experience in various formations and styles, which BAC combine to achieve their unique style, usually described as Indie-Rock. The energetic rhythm section is the foundation for the elegant interplay of guitars and piano, creating the unique BAC sound. This makes for subtle songs with a wide range of dynamics, from fragile to powerful, from light-footed to rough. Julian’s vocals are the link between all elements, making the music of BAC so recognizable. The band’s main goal is to combine conventional songwriting and complex song structures in order to come up with songs both catchy and deep. The songs of their self-titled debut follow this guideline and form a unit. That is why the band recommends listening to the record in one go. While working on the record the band put strong emphasis on a natural sound, a vivid and sometimes rough production and sonic transparency.Recorded in mid-2008 it reflects the band’s status after one and a half years. Since then the songs have been played live regularly and the band is working on new material already.