«Black Mantis» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

June 18, 2008, 4 slow mantodea had a long journey ahead of them; walk from leaf number 1 to leaf number 2. Unfortunately for them, there was a huge leap between them, which led to a huge pile of dangerous shit for the 4 mantodea!

The whole idea was Robin van Thuijl’s, the big-mouthing-bassraping-Mantis. He was stubborn and had to get to the other side to make Black Mantis a succes. He asked Rik Haanen, the muscular-guitarist-Mantis, for some help. Rik was impressed by the idea and decided to join him. Rik claimed to know a lot of sinister creatures in the bushes and contacted Aaran Meusen, the Godlike-drumming-Mantis.

The 3 mantodea came to the gap between the 2 leafs. The fall was deep and the distance was far. They decided to call in Erwin Jongenelen, the “4th Mantis” for help. Erwin had to be their bridge so the other 3 mantodea could cross to the other side. When this finally worked, Erwin fell in the deep abyss. Bad luck for him, because the other 3 were too lazy to go look for him.

Black Mantis, like the 3 mantodea call themselves, didn’t give up and started to make some Hard Rock on the 2nd leaf. After 3 months of Hard Rock, they found Erwin on the 2nd leaf. Hell yeah!

After the first six months living by sex, drugs and Black Mantis only, it was the right time to record something. During the dark days in January they recorded an EP. This one was later known as “One-Night Stand” and was released on March 16th 2009! This cd has the first five songs that Black Mantis has written

After a year of rocking in the bushes and other creatures, it was time for a well earned vacation. Rik went out to other fields alone of local farmers. Eventhough everything looked fine, there was 1 little problem. Some kid was playing with fireworks, and this was not what our “muscular-and-guitarplaying-Mantis” asked for! Rik got hit and got to his exploding ending!

Rik was irreplaceable and Black Mantis has therefor decided to continue with 3 Mantodea to conquer the bushes!