«Cardiac Arrest» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Note: There are various bands named Cardiac Arrest. 1) Cardiac Arrest (US). Old school death/gore metal from Chicago. Released full-length “Morgue Mutilations” in 2006, “Cadaverous Presence” in 2008, and “Haven for the Insane” in 2010. 2) Cardiac Arrest. Alternative Punk band from Linz (Austria). Founded in late 2010. Released the EPs “Reproaches” in 2011 and “Walls & Anchors” in 2012, as well as the standalone single “Decisions”. 3) Cardiac Arrest (US). Thrash metal band formed in 1984. Released one demo entitled “Ivil” in 1989 and then broke up. Members unkown. 4) Cardiac Arrest (US). Hardcore punk band from St. Louis. 5) English Punk/Jazz outfit formed in late ’70s. After releasing several tapes, changed their name to Cardiacs.