«Cobalt Rabbit» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Cobalt Rabbit (formerly known as “Neon”) is the music child of 17 year old multi-genre musician Michael Gold. He likes to create many styles of music including Trip-Hop, Ambient, Bass, House, Plunderphonics, Drum and Bass, and even Symphonic.

“I want my music to be told like stories,” says Cobalt Rabbit. “When people hear my work, I want to take them somewhere far away…especially with my movie remixes. I want to take them back to the warmth of their memories. I don’t want to be loosely associated with the typical plunderphonics or ‘Pogomix’ musician.”

Michael Gold is always creating something new. When he’s away from music, Michael can be seen drawing characters, writing fiction, or creating video art.

Michael Gold has also written and composed the original soundtrack for the webseries “The Chronicles Of Alexander Hawthorne.” He has also been recognized by EDM artist Deadmau5 after the release of a symphonic cover of his work “Fn Pig.”