«Confliction» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Hailing from all corners of the United States, Rollin Carver (vocals), Tripp Gaddy (guitar), Chuck Cooper (drums), and Billy Raim (bass) who now reside in Myrtle Beach, SC, immediately took to the road following the release of “the face of aggression” (2002), touring the US with the sonically varied likes of Sevendust, Cold, Trapt, Revis, Nonpoint, Flaw, Life of Agony, Apartment 26, Mudvayne, Shinedown, Spineshank, Skrape, Nothingface, Chimaira, Presence, Soulfly, System of a Down, Saliva, 3 Doors Down, Default, Memento, Socialburn, 12 Stones, Hatebreed, Corrosion of Conformity, Lacuna Coil, Trust Company, Echo 7, E-Town Concrete, Sloth, Down the Sun, Soil and Crossfade.

After touring the country and releasing two additional EP’s, (2003 & 2004) the band took time off to write new material. Armed with a surplus of ideas, musically the band was more focused. A conscious effort to keep the album clean was in effect as well. The resulting new album is “Turning Point”.

The right team had to come together to make such a new & powerful album. Turning Point was Produced and Mixed by Dan Hannon. Confliction chose Hannon specifically to achieve a very raw sound with eerily - angelic vocals. The band then switched gears and chose veteran Rodney Mills (STP, Rage Against The Machine, Soil, Pearl Jam) for Mastering. The combination proved perfect and brought out the best in this unique act.

“The whole record is a testament to where we have been and where we see our future headed,” admits Chuck. Turning Point is sure to bring many new fans to love the music of Confliction. Fans should know the love is mutual. “We love touring and getting out there to meet fans,” says Tripp.

With a repertoire of over 50 original songs, a diverse 4 CD discography, 6 songs on the internationally distributed D-Aces Motorcycle DVD’s “Not Guilty” (2003) and “No Mercy” (2004) and featuring the Confliction song “Guilty” in the 2004 Dalton Pictures movie “Altered Courses”, Confliction continues to leave a permanent mark on the music industry.

Confliction songs are currently being played in heavy rotation on 97.3 FM WRAK in Albany, GA, 97X FM in Panama City Beach, FL, 101.7 FM WKZQ in Myrtle Beach, SC, 105.5 FM WXZR in Jacksonville, NC, numerous college radio stations across the U.S., XM Satellite Radio, as well as modern rock stations Scotland, Germany and Serbia/Montenegro.

As of October, 2010 - Confliction has reunited with new drummer Erin Anthony Buckley and Bassist Troy Boswell. They are currently writing new material with a few tracks already written for an upcoming new CD. They will be performing shows in the near future playing some old and new material at locations yet to be announced.