«Coolfield» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Bryce has been officially writing songs since June 2005 and loves it!! Rachelle officially joined March 2008 and has brought with her a beautiful breath of fresh air. The name Coolfield is a mixture of last names; Bryce’s… COOLey and one of his friends chatFIELD. “When they first started hanging out we made a joke band named Coolfield and made mix CD’s with our favorite songs and such. When I started writing music it just stuck and now I like it. That is why ‘Coolfield = Best Friends Forever’”

They currently have about 28 songs written. All of these songs are dear to Bryce’s heart and he looks forward to writing more and more as God inspires and Rachelle and I have the opportunity to collaborate. Their goal is not to impress everyone with amazing verbage or music theory, they just want to write simple expressive songs that show what is in our hearts. They hope there is a place for that.