«DJ Scotch Egg» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

DJ Scotch Egg (born Shigeru Ishihara) is a Japanese producer of Chiptune / Gabber music based in Brighton, UK. Shige started out making improvised noise music performing under the name shiez 2000 and later contributed to a few little known groups including; Megadrive, Noony Banoony, and The Fighting Seizure Robots Busking Crew. After moving to Brighton from Tokyo, he founded Brighton’s premier breakcore/noise night Wrong Music with friends Henry Collins (aka Shitmat) and Matt (Roger Species). Collins took Shige under his wing, & convinced him to use his Game Boy to create gabber tracks. As of 2006, He has released music on the Wrong Music label, Adaadat & Junior Aspirin Records. Some of notable contributions with other artists include OVe-NaXx, Hvartski, Duracell, Bong-Ra, The Pipettes and The Go! Team.