«E-Zee Possee» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

E-zee Possee was a band introduced to to Boy George by MC Kinky & sequentially signed to his dance label More Protein, in the late 1980’s. Fronted by Jeremy Healy (ex-Haysi Fantayzee & BONAVENTURA), each track featured a different vocalist. Also, featured in the band, were principal songwriters Simon Rogers & Angela Dust (aka Boy George). (The Angela Dust credit was changed to The Nelly Terrorist, on the US releases, licensed to Charisma Records in 1991). E-zee Possee rarely performed as a live band, usually only performing brief one or two song sets for television appearances or at raves. The nature of the multi-vocalist catalogue made touring a live show impractical, if not impossible. They chose instead to rely on multiple remixes & videos, to promote their singles / album.

“Everything Starts With an ‘E’”, with vocals by MC Kinky (real name Caron Geary) E-Zee Possee’s biggest chart success, was originally released in Summer 1989, and received very little success, peaking at #69 in the UK, and leaving the charts after only one week. However, the single was re-released less than a year later, in March 1990 and made it all the way to #15 on the UK Singles Chart, more than 50 times higher than the original chart placing, staying among the first 75 positions for 8 weeks, making it the longest chart running for the band. The group released two more singles, “The Sun Machine” (again in 1990) and “Breathing is E-Zee” (in 1991, though credited to E-Zee Possee featuring Tara Newley), which both failed commercially, reaching #62 (3 weeks totally in the charts) and #72 (only 1 week) in the UK, respectively. In between the very first release and subsequent re-entry of their most successful single, the band gets instead another flop, that is “Love On Love”, chronologically the group’s second single, only reaching Number 59, and staying in the charts for just 3 weeks.

E-zee Possee released a triple album entitled “The Bone Dance”, which was the final More Protein release from Virgin Records in 1992.