«Elektrofant» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

“Fuck art, let’s dance!!”

Elektrofant is one nasty, extravagant and uncompromising techno/electro-duo from Norway. During their three year old career, they have released two critically acclaimed albums on Beatservice Records, Flipstick EP and Wørk!. They were the first ever techno act to play the frosty island of Svalbard, close to the North Pole. Their liveshows are renowned for providing frenetic and superfuelled electro/techno throughout the dancefloor. Having played several gigs throughout Norway and Europe, Knut Jonas 5000 and Klaus Skrudland have built a strong reputation around their instantly recognizable sound. Founding their music on the roots of classic, soulful techno, they produce an eclectic, original and musical blend of unpretentious, hardhitting, deep, beautiful, pounding and danceable electronic music. It’s all about serious fun.