«Gena Cide» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Dallas-Fort Worth based rap duo, consisting of ElDoG and Six-Two, that used blues and funk inspired piano and guitar lines over breakbeats in their 1995 album “Waste Uva Cular.” Six-Two became a protégé of The D.O.C. and made a guest appearance on Dr. Dre’s Album “2001” as well as The D.O.C. album “Deuce.”

Also notable was ElDoG’s fluent use of a slang that employed saying the first part or letter of a word followed by the rest of the word. For example, in the song “Pympin’ Ain’t Changed:”

Got ‘em working ‘P’-funk and high heel ‘P’-umps

business straight boomin’ like my Cad-ee-lac ‘T’-runk

pockets got the Mizz-umps

damn, break these Tuh-ramps

and then I gotsta Scuh-ram.