«Gtuk» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Blending micromusic naivete with hardcore vocals, GTUK throws out albums of surprisingly melodic and wistful electronica, perversely humorous and frighteningly accomplished. Behind the GTUK moniker is one Bastian Hagedorn, a 24-year old German with a love for the naive genius of 1980’s electropunk. Wearing homemade superhero costumes on stage, screaming through the microphone of his belt-buckled My First Sony cassette-player, GTUK is a startling live artist who carries his performing energy across on tape. The first result was Herzschlag, an incessantly weird and catchy collection of nine tracks ranging from the manic ”In der Schwebe” via the funky ”Verfall” and on to the inexplicable finale ”Fasto”, taking in all points in between. Next were “Wir sind Glücklich?” in 2006 and “Illusions to the Max” in 2008.