«Hadrien Feraud» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Hadrien Feraud was born on the 16th of august 1984 in Paris. Very early, his parents move to the suburbs where he will spend the first years of his life in a family where music plays a very great role. His parents who are musicians, immerse him very young in various musical environments: rock’n’roll, blues, funk, new wave, traditional, jazz etc.

Young, very attracted by the cinema, Hadrien shows to be very receptive with film scores. To wards the age of 8/9, his father introduces him to the guitar, but he shrinks in front of the instrument. The drums attract him much more and the bass causes curiosity as well . Then to wards twelve, after listening to Jaco Pastorius, he has a deep revelation as well as for the group Weather Report.

At that time he explores, deepens and integrates with passion the entire work of Jaco Pastorius and Weather Report becomes his bible. In the years which follow, Hadrien discovers other bass players such as: Dominique Di Piazza (who will become a friend), Victor Bailey, Christian McBride, Anthony Jackson, Matthew Garrison, Gary Willis, Richard Bona, and he widens his musical universe listening to other different instrumentalists: Michael Brecker, Wayne Shorter, Joe Zawinul, Bireli Lagrene, John McLaughlin, Sylvain Luc, Jean Pierre Como, Thierry Eliez.

In 2001 Christian Pegand (organizing concerts for John McLaughlin and Bireli Lagrene among-others) invites him to play at the concert bass contre bass organized by the funds of SACEM in the memory of the double bass player François JENNY-CLARK. Surrounded by Bireli Lagrene and Sylvain Luc at the guitars and Franck Agulhon on drums, Hadrien will make a noticed apperance. Also invited to this evening, were, Richard Bona, Garcia Fons, Dominique Di Piazza, the Moutin’s brothers etc.

In 2002, via Bireli Lagrene, he becomes acquainted with Jim and Jon Grandcamp, two brothers originally from Strasbourg. Jim at the guitar, Jon on drums and Hadrien, create a power trio of shock: Le Cartel. The group is invited by Bireli at the night of the musicians, evening given in le Trianon Palace in Paris. Le Cartel will play on various stages of the capital, in France and abroad . Eager to meeting other bass players, he takes part in some contests as the EURO BASS DAY which proceeds in Verona (2003) and for which he will be finalist ; as well as in the French national contest Haut les basses (2004) of which he wins the first prize.

From 2003, he plays with many experienced musicians: Rido Bayonne - Sheik TIDIANE - Marc Berthoumieux - Jean Marie Ecay - Mokhtar Samba - Dominique Di Piazza - N’GUYENE LE - Thierry ELIEZ - Flavio Boltro - Paban Das Baul - Bireli Lagrene - Andre Ceccarelli.

In 2004 Hadrien undertakes the compositions of his musical project and in parallel continues with night life in clubs.In 2005, John McLaughlin invites him to play two tracks on his album Industrial Zen. It is a magical meeting.

In 2006, Hadrien finalizes his own album surrounded by prestigious musicians.

In 2007 Hadrien’s album has been released and it got some very nice chronicals.