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Hollywood Sinners are a Garage Punk music group from Toledo, Spain.

This Toledanians combo was formed in the beginning the new century.

Four persons started Hollywood Sinners but now they are only 3, and with the new drummer, Marco from The Neddles, they are getting wildest.

Their punk-garage has driven them to do 2 European tours, 1 Italian and 1 German tour, lot of concerts in UK, Switzerland, France... and couple of weekend festivals all around Europe (Wild Weekend, Shout Party, Beat Bespoke, Rotterdam Rumble, Suicide Twist…).

They have 3 LPs, 8 singles and songs in a lot of compilations in labels like Dirty Water Records, Slovenly Recordings, Animal Records.

Band Members

  • Edu Sinner—Guitar & vocal
  • Carmelo Tornado—Bass
  • Marco Sinner—Drums

Old members:

  • FenderWino—Guitar
  • Jartur—Drums
  • OkyVonStoky—Drums
  • Piña—Drums (For one amazing show)



  • Midnight Pleasure+3 EP (Motorpsycho/Animal Records) 2002
  • Split Single with Holy Sheep (H Records) 2003
  • Wild Man EP (Slovenly Recordings) 2006
  • Split single with The Urges (Dirty Water Records) 2008
  • No Soy Bueno (Hey Girl Records) 2009
  • Split Single with Asano Historical Society (Ghost Highway Recordings) 2009
  • Split Single with Frowning Clouds, WildMen and Fuck Knights (Boss Hoss Records) 2013
  • Split Single with Funny Dunny (Ghost Highway Recordings) 2013


  • Back From Hollyweird LP (Animal Records) 2004
  • We Won't Change Our Style LP (Dirty Water Records) 2008
  • Disastro Garantito LP (Dirty Water Records) 2011


  • Freakland Ipunkrock (Motorpsycho/Animal Records)
  • Animal Party Vol.1 (Animal Records)
  • Bands on Tour (La Ria Records)
  • Fuzz Illusions (Lazy Recordings)
  • The Astounding FREAK PARTY (Rigolboch Records, France)

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