«Hooded Priest» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Hooded Priest was founded on 6 June 2006 and was originally conceived as a doomed collaboration pact between several members of different Dutch and Belgian old school metal bands. These musicians had been in contact with each other since the mid-nineties and were now seeking to create the ultimate bizarre fusion between screaming blackened hardrock guitars and doomed rock ‘n’ roll. The band started out as a classic heavy metal quartet, but soon incorporated a double bass in their music in order to extend the dynamics of their compositions with a deep darkened bass pulse and mad psychotic percussion picks. The first years of their existence, the band created a considerable number of songs, slowly shaping their unique style of dark and epic, yet hardrockin’, traditional doom. What was first intended to be a mere side project soon became a band of primary focus.

Hooded Priest was finally ready to take on the stage by the end of 2008. The Dutch Doom Days festival was one of their early highlights as they played with some of the bigger names of the doom scene without ever having released anything themselves. Shortly thereafter, Hooded Priest released a limited rehearsal-cdemo entitled Call For The Hearse, which was later rereleased on tape by Capricorn Records. In the summer of 2009 Hooded Priest came to an agreement with Emanes Metal Records to release their first official full length-album on both cd and vinyl. This album, called Devil Worship Reckoning, is officially released 13 May 2010. It contains seven tracks of traditional doom metal in the old vein and over fifty minutes of their blackest, most cynical humour to blend with your deepest fears…

Subsequently, many a European stage will sink under the weight of its own doom in the course of 2010!

Read more: http://www.hoodedpriest.org

Hooded Priest is haunted by the following gentlemen:

Niklas ‘Miroslav’ Szàtan:

Lead and Rhythm Guitars

Otto ‘Notaris’ Von Zelst :

Double Bass

Luther ‘Finlay’ Veldmark :


Joe ‘J-Maze’ Mazurewicz :

Rhythm Guitars

Quornelius Backus :