«Hos Solo» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

With heavy influence from Nerdcore hip-hop giants MC Frontalot and MC Chris, emerging Nerdcore artist Hos Solo has reinvented the musical backdrop for the style by combining pieces from his experience in a wide variety of musical styles. With a classical background in music, Hos Solo takes orchestral elements from string and wind ensembles, influenced by Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Oematsu, heavy hitting percussion elements from his experience in Drumlines, complex electronic music from his work as an Audio Engineer, and 90’s Rapcore and Modern Metal themes drawn from his experience in various bands. Describing his style as simply “Nerdcore”, Hos Solo is by no means distancing himself from his Nerdcore predecessors, but instead is building upon the backs of his heroes. His lyrics can be described as heavily-referenced and complex and combine slant-rhyming and unusual structures that illustrate themes familiar to geeks, nerds, gamers, fan-boys, computer-whiz’s, and the like. His music changes from track to track with some being heavy rock based, some rap-core, some completely orchestral, and others comedic hip-hop. It could be argued that Hos Solo has a track out there for everyone.