«Jonas Oakland» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Ever since the release of the first single “Beat of my heart” in 2008, unsigned electro pop artist Jonas Oakland has been a frequent name on music websites from all around the world.

Swedish website Poplight was along with London based Scandipop the first ones to recognize his music.

Along the way French Hall Musique and Spanish Esto si es dance assembled to the line of faithful followers.

“Beat of my heart”, as well as the follow up singles “Stay” and “Where I belong” made it to the playlists of several radio stations in Sweden and in Spain. “Beat of my heart” was chosen Hot Hit of the Week on Swedish Cityradion and stayed on A-rotation for several weeks.The music is also playing on dancefloors in London, New York, Melbourne and Stockholm.

The recent single “Point of no return” has been the biggest success yet in Jonas Oakland’s career, with music critics (FizzyPop and Scandipop) praising it before it was even released. The song was premiered on the American radio show “The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick” aired from New York City, which later on resulted in a live interview with the radio show host.

Jonas Oakland is an unsigned independent artist writing his own music and promoting it to his audiences. It all started with demos produced with a lap top, Casio synth and a guitar in Jonas’ living room. He is today teaming up with the producers from Flow Music to finalize his ideas.

Jonas Oakland lives in Stockholm, Sweden.