«Juanshows» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Juanshows is a duo formed in Palafrugell, Gerona, Spain.

Juanshows is the brainchild of “Juancho”, Juan Jorge Caballero, and “Juanillo”, Juan Moliner. They offer not a conventional show, going beyond the music. Their idea about entertaintment is more global, they use spanish guitar, spanish folk, theatre and hilarious authentic comedy scripts for the lyrics.

Music is their natural environment but nontheless is theatre or stand up comedy. They like to create characters and make their own videoclips.

Juancho was born in Seville and Juanillo in Barcelona , but they met at the little town of Palafrugell while attending high school.

It’s in 2003 when they decide to take it seriously and try to focus on the duo. After some years of gigs in small places and some festivals, they met Ilde Irun (producer and third Juanshows) from Zinetik Records receiving an award organized by an important Spanish Music Radio Station.

They quickly attracted the attention of big record companies and at the beggining of 2004, Vale Music signed them.

Months later, they presented their first album “Yo no digo na”, which its first single “No soy un Bastritboy”, was an instant hit in Spain.

A big tour around Spain (“Alegría de vivir Tour”) was not even finished when they were already preparing a new album.

After a period of appearances in several TV shows, they are about to release their new album