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Klementiya - singer, composer and music producer.


”Tango” (single / 2007)
”Street beat” (2005)
”The Best” (лучшие песни / 2001)

“Somewhere overseas ” (1997)

“Make me sex” (1995)

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CHILDHOOD Klementiya was born in a small provincial town among the sun and a wind in family of the military-man and the teacher. Parents of Klementiya were workaholics and they not enough time was given to the daughter and that she did not hang about in the street, they invented out for her many employment. Since five years Klementiya visited musical school, a ballet school, a mathematical circle, and also played to a school command of basketball. And when in the evenings she tired, fell asleep, she dreamed about the big beautiful cities, and it seemed to her, what exactly there waits for her the big future.

THE FIRST ALBUM After leaving school, Klementiya comes to Moscow and tries to begin career of the singer. She records some songs and sends the material in the record - company. In 1995 she records a single “Make me sex”, which gets in European charts Nokia Euro hit Parade and brings to her the first success. A song rotates on many radio stations of Europe. Klementiya signs the contract with company Zeko-records and leaves for Germany to record the first album. The album has been recorded in Munich and was released under the name “Make me sex” at the end of 1995.

THE SECOND ALBUM In 1997 Klementiya concludes the contract with record company ” Soyuz ” and in a close of the year issues the second album ” Somewhere overseas ” where she acts and as the author of songs. On a header song Somewhere overseas has been made the video clip. Songs from this album (” Somewhere overseas “, Heavenly pilgrim “, “Little delusion “) is successful rotates on many radio stations of country. The song Heavenly pilgrim on results of year has come in ten the best songs of Russian radio.

REMAKES In 2001 Klementiya issues an album ” The Best “, where remakes of songs from two previous albums have come, and also some new compositions.

THE NEW ALBUM On may, 19, 2005 release of a new album

“Klementiya / Street Beat” music of the big city.

Klementiya has finished work on new album with which she begins new intrusion on the music market. Her previous compositions (” Somewhere overseas “, ” Heavenly pilgrim “, ” Little delusion “, “Traces”) is successful rotates on many radio stations of country and a video “Somewhere overseas” and “Street Beat” on the central TV-channels of Russia.

The new album will differ from previous as the singer is convinced, that is necessary to vary and with each new song to do though small, but a step forward. Now I do what I want - speaks Klementiya - in fact I itself the producer. Certainly, he will be the best, and in him all my experiences and feelings will be reflected.

The new album was received stylish, advanced, and capable to compete to products of the best musical producers of Russia.